About us

Dedicated To Change

As a new startup, our main goal is to create a name for ourselves as a company that works for everyone. With a small team everything is streamlined and nothing gets lost in the game of chinese whispers the big companies play. No being passed from pillar to post, no "let me ask my manager" and most of all no LIES.

We are here to show companies do not need to be detached from its customers or from its staff and can accept any flaws pointed out to it.

Our Goals

Growing up our families here at FSHN Outlet did not have much money, and so it is our goal to change that for those that want to break away. A percentage of our profits here will be going to a seperate pot with the look to eventually start a company to help young entrepeneurs from low income areas, to get that break with a little cash injection and guidance to help change their families lives.

We aim to be nothing but genuine with all of our customers and feel we have no reason to lie or hide behind other companies. If you have any questions or suggestions they will be received with open arms. We cant make any of this happen without you, so your happiness is not only our happiness but eventually the happiness of thousands!

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